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All-in-one solution to monitor traffic

Our technology provides detailed information about traffic network from simple object detection and classification to speed and trajectory of the road users.

No matter if the object is stopped or moving fast, we capture them.

Whatever weather conditions are

Thanks to Lidar technology and our robust algorithm, our technology can collect all traffic data in different weather and lighting condition, no matter if it’s raining or snowing, day or night and in extended working temperature, from cold winter of Montreal to hot summer in Death Valley, California.

Cut the price at least 30% 

With the 3D Lidar’s 360-degree fields of view, only one sensor is needed to cover an entire intersection when it used to be one sensor per traffic light. For highway monitoring application, one sensor can cover both directions without having any occlusion problem.

Easy and safe to install

Our solution can be implemented quickly on any available traffic light or lamp posts. 
The sensor benefits from a self-calibration feature to minimize the installation time. 
Because the sensor is non-intrusive, no road closure or pavement work is required which makes it safer for road workers as well.

Save lives

Our technology generates real-time detection of the road users crossing the intersection.

The traffic light controller uses this information to put priority for safe crossing of pedestrians and cyclists and bring attention to upcoming vehicles.

An extra eye to the autonomous vehicles

We help the cities make the network safer for autonomous vehicles (AVs). Our sensor sends the real-time detection data at intersections to the autonomous or connected vehicles through V2X communication protocol. This helps the AVs to see their blind spots better.

3D - LiDAR Traffic Monitoring


Up to 8 Lane Monitoring with one sensor

Non-Intrusive, Easy to install

Real-time monitoring: count, speed, class of the object and vehicle

Highway Monitoring

Intersection Monitoring

Cloud Platform

BlueCount 1D
LIDAR Cyclist and Pedestrian Counter





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